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The person with the gamertag (MOD REMOVED) i believe has been hacking my account. i got a suspension for content he put on my profile. Not only that but he harassess me and gets other people to harass me and file compaints for no reason. This needs to stop!!!


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You should file a complaint against the user, block communications as well. And change the password associated with your Microsoft account. And do not name and shame other gamers on the forums.

To add to the post above, don't message that player back.  It will unblock communications.

Thats not fair! I hate it when that happens, I'm really felt sorry for you and you should stop people from walking over you, if try to do that you in the future.

I you getting this if you get hacked again talk to an Xbox live ambassdor or go to Xbox support they can help you. I got some advice from a Xbox live ambassdor called MOD REMOVED) that know an expert who sorts out people accounts who got hacked called (MOD REMOVED)

Phone Xbox support up or talk to an ambassdor that can help you to get through to that person who can help you.

I was hacked once, somebody just use my account to send someone a random request and I contacted the ambassdor to look into this and she gave me advice how to solve that problem.

Oh in the end I checked my account and the hacker is gone, I'm glad I got my account working again and I don't what happened but I think someone has sorted it out.

Anyway I hope you get your account back and this harrassment stops so you can enjoy playing your Xbox.

I know what it feels like been lefted in the dark, I tried to sort out those harrassers and I tried filing a complain at but nothing changed.

Nobody realise those harrassers get away with it but I'm going to suggest Microsoft that they should make some improvements to Xbox live that sorts out hackers for good.