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This is going to sound like I am ***, but here goes. I have just started playing MW3, and really enjoy playing it. My issue is, I know that I am not a top player, but I do try. I don't understand why people get off on commenting, in game, about my lack of skills, or my K/D ratio, and so on. Just keep in mind that some people enjoy playing to play, and don't worry about other things

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Ah, that is common in COD every now and then. Pay no mind to them and continue playing your best.

people *** at you in cod 

if you play well or have a high prestige then you are called a no-life 

if you struggle then you are called a noob 

your best bet is to ignore the haters and mute them 

play how you wish and try to enjoy yourself 

have fun 

We can't all be happy gilmore. :(

don't worry they will soon dashboard out of the game to protect their  stats

That has to be the worst part of this game.

I was five minutes into a game a couple of nights ago and got a message saying  "Stop camping you S**t C**t" and I wasn't camping! I tend to creep along walls and check corners if it's a particularly brutal lobby, but that's not camping. Sometimes my reflexes aren't as quick as the other players - most of the time in fact. lol And last night I couldn't play MW3 because the servers were down so I played BO demolition. I don't usually play that mode, but I did quite well and detonated a bomb and another dude blew up the other one. I was pretty pleased with the resulting win. Then I got a few requests from some dude to join a party which I ignored, so he sent me a message. It was some English kid who called me every name under the sun, pretty disgusting ones at that, and said "why did you detonate that bomb, I could have got 100 kills, but you detonated the bomb (followed by a lot of other insults and bad language)"  What the?? Isn't that the objective? I replied with "Go play TDM if you want to rack up kills. Oh wait, you're not good enough to play TDM"

Stuff like that is so unnecessary and kind of spoils the fun, particularly when you really get abused for playing the game correctly. They aren't even intelligent enough to tell you off with a bit of wit, and instead use bad language and insults.

Tonight seemed to be a lot of of b*tchi*g going on.  I got into one match and one guy started raging on me cause he walked in front of my bullet path and got killed, moshpit core.  Then went on a verbal tirate at me and proceeded to team kill me multiple times when I had the flag, team defender.  What a worthless tool. Eventually I left the lobby.   I guess cause you cant name and shame, people feel they can just be abusive douches and nothing will happen.  I know it sucks the fun out of the game for me at times.

COD equals crap community been like that since the beginning. Never forget, we're not all like that.

get a good set of head phones like i did and you can turn off all the numb nuts. and enjoy the game a lot more

I don't even need the headphones, I just mute the sound. Although as I was playing last night it happened again. I think I was 6 and 20 in a round and it started all up. Just need to ignore it and move on.

Ever play L4D? Team killers and obnoxious @ssholes?  They play CoD, too.  Have fun playing, and bask in the warmth of their regard, because if you weren't more important to them than they are to you, they wouldn't be bothering.  If their noise is just tiresome, mute them, and if they send you messages, ignore them, or message back your laughter. ;oD

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