Player cards- What do you prefer?

Do you like the custom player cards and being able to purchase whatever or do you like them being tied to challenges?


I personally like making a custom emblem, but I think it would be nice to have cool backgrounds/layers/emblems that you earn through challenges. I liked having a unique hard-to-get emblem in MW2...before the mods


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I personally like unlocking things by completing challenges.

Although there are negatives to both ways

Being able to create your own allows idiots to create immature pictures of animal s@x or pictures of male genitalia.

And unlocking hard to get ones by completing challenges creates boosters.

either way it gets annoying.

I never understood why a straight male would create a picture of a pen1s. You would think that they would create a picture of a woman, or lady parts.

I think it woule be nice keeping the custom cards the way it is now (with a few more letters maybe ) but having the emblems be something you earn. It would make a nice combination.

I think they should really bump up the options for customizing the emblem in MW3, maybe add more layers, more options, and a few more editing tools, like a paintbrush or something. 

The playercard background would be nice to have to unlock. 

I love the customization, but I also like having original art that you can only achieve through challenges, should you choose to use it. I don't hold out hope for letters or a paintbrush due to misuse.

Yea, i get tired of all the dumb emblems

i agree with silky half of the people i see have women body parts and the rest is the stupid rabit and donkey one. and yes the boosing would only increase if u made it so people unlocked them by completing challenges. and i like the customization becuase i like seeing new playercards everyday :p

How bout making it so all the weapon graphics are unlocked by completing the challenges for the corresponding weapon. Kinda like the weapon titles in mw2. That will make some guns more rare to be seen in emblems than others, as some will be harder to use/ less popular.

I like the ones depicting women's butts they are so cool and original. also ones where people have the jokers face from batman.

oh wait.... i mean i hate those guys.