Player Abuse

I have a player with the gamertag [GT Removed]  following me and killing me every time I am playing Battlefield BC2 on Hardcore.  He continually blows up our own positions we are supposed to be defending.  He shoots teammates every time they spawn.  I can't play the game anymore because every time I log in here he comes following me around. WTF can I do?  I have avoided him as well as reporting him but it does no good.


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probably you have been camping excessively

I watch teamkilling videos on youtube.

I swear I have posted in this thread on a different forum.

Protip: Guide button > Settings tab > Preferences > Online Status > Offline. Tada. Alternatively you could just set your online status to friends only through the privacy settings.

I've done this to some useless wookies before, don't be a useless wookie and this probably won't happen to you.

I loving doing this to people.

lol "player abuse"

First off don't throw peoples gamertags out in the open like that on these forums its against the terms of service/code of conduct. The best thing that you can do is file a complaint against him and block communications with him. You can also make yourself appear offline so that he can not see you or join your game.