Playable In-Game Robin? With His Own Levels?

I saw an interview with the Rocksteady marketing guy (Dax Ginn) earlier today and he implied that along with levels you play as Catwoman (he mentions her thief vision), there will also be levels where you play as Robin (he mentions his explosives vision).

Here's the link to the page with the interview:

Would this make the Best Buy Robin pre-order bonus a skin bonus? If there ends up being skins for Robin as well, will there be Catwoman skins?


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I think in regard to Robin's vision, he meant the challenge rooms. I'm sure he'll have his own specified challenge rooms that will only work with him that you can't use just any other character in that challenge map. So in these challenge rooms, you'll have to use the explosives vision but he didn't necessarily talk about Robin being playable in the main storyline. I'm also wondering how long it will take for Rocksteady to release the DLC skins along with Robin, his skin and the three challenge maps after release. The interview wasn't working so I found it on youtube: [View:]

Thanks for that little show...:-)

Well, we'll know soon enough. Soon enough... <evil_laughter.mp3>