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Is anyone else disappointed that alot of characters announced as playable were removed from the game just so they could sell them to u later. They announced Bernie, Kim, Raam, Skorge, Tai, and the Onyx Guard as being unlockable but they aren't. Their is also a Big Rig Dizzy that I saw a bot using in TDM but he also isn't unlockable.


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Unless the weapon skin is free I wont get it. Sorry but Epic better start giving some free downloads because I don't think they will have as strong a fanboy following when they release that other Gears thing their making.

LMAO, this is Epic!! Expect to be lied to!!  Epic and MS have teamed up once again to milk gamers for every cent with dlc character skins, weapon skins, MP maps, SP content, Horde content and other stuff. Better cash your paycheck quick if you want all of the GoW 3 content. Soon there will be another weapon skin pack coming.

Most of the 40+ are the same guy with different skins. I do like having alot to choose from but I would have also liked to have gotten the other characters they said were going to be there rather then be lied to or mislead. I originaly thought the DLC would have been characters like Pad, Barrick, Alex, Yanik, Trescu, and Michealson. But now it seems all Epic wants to do is sell us things that should have been in the game from the launch

Not disappointed as it was expected and we have 40+ characters right now to play as.

Yeah but I'm saying they were surposed to be in the game and they took them away so the can get more money. And then they announce that thier will be a DLC pack for character. The pack sounded like it would be other gears character such as the ones from the comics or the books. But I know it will be all of the people they should have put in the game to begin with.

Maybe they'll will become DLC so they can get more cash.