Play with more than 4 people in the final game?

Bad Company 2 was an amazing game. It was just ruined by restricting parties to 4. I don't care if squads are 4. In fact, that makes sense. But most of the time, I have over 6 friends online and we all like to play together. We played Bad Company 2 for about a week before we started getting tired of spending 7+ matches trying to get everybody on the same team.


I hear about this whole "platoon" thing but is that a PC only feature? I really want to be get at least 8 people into a lobby, organize them into 2 permanent squads, and then go into a match. If this feature isn't available on consoles or simply doesn't exist, I'm probably not going to be playing it for long.


Does anybody have any confirmation if this is or isn't in the game?


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hate to bump this but I really need a reply

Platoon is more like a clan. Gather all your buddies and manage things from there. You'll get more use from it if you are playing the PC version.

I'm not sure if you can organize people into permanent squads and then join a match. If you are trying to get 6+ people in the game, try to get a full squad into a game first. Once they get into one, have someone leave the squad and invite the others. They'll be in his squad provided there are open spaces in the match. If they are on the opposite team, they'll be on your team and squad the next round.

That is just so stupid and uneccessary. The match could have only had a few slots left and you would fill one of them. And then have to leave and rejoin another match. There needs to be a way to get up to 12 people into a lobby, organize who will be in which squad, and then go into a match with no changes unless a new lobby is made. (I say 12 now because why just 8?)

I agree. I have times when I want to play BC2 with 8 of my buddies.

The problem is that how are you going to find a match that can fit 8/12 people in 1 team at once? Unless it's in late evening, it'll never happen because EA's servers always have like 6v6.

wtf? on cod you can have 8 or 9 friends in your team to join a game with, do dice not have many friends? surely they must have the same problem? i have 6-8 regulars that would want to play with. Surely the emphasis in this game is teamwork? if you have a team of 12 and am in a party of 4 how do you work with the other 8? doesnt make sense? on xbox you could start a party chat so you caould talk to everyone then set up 3 squads of 4 to take up tactical positions etc. i love the demo and i love 1943 but also love cod. it feels like the most realistic fps game played ever shame i wont be able to enjoy it with all my friends.

it would set up a game with your team full and then add either randoms or other teams against u as it does in cod.

I always set up a team of 8 of my friends and have them all in party chat.

We split up the squads and just communicate.

Its a wonderful sight to see an entire team work together as one.

Luckily there will be an option to chat to the entire team although I'll probably never use it.

I wish you could set up a party of 8 people and join the game and then split into 2 squads but oh big deal to me.

On Call of Duty, you run off Peer to Peer hosting which means that you can stick 8-9 people in a game because it starts a new round on one of your xboxes to host. With Battlefield on DICE dedicated servers, you may not have the room to fit people on a server that will only hold 24 people total, with no new ones opening up just because you want to take that many people into a game.

Not like that^

It's just they don't gave us no reason to NOT put in a proper lobby system with 4+ players.

Also, with the Server Browser coming on in the retail game, you can just find a near empty game and just start it up with all your friends on one side.

Well if there is server browsing and we can see how many people are in a match, I don't see this being a problem.

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