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Im having trouble unlocking some play styles!! Ive finished the game once on hard and once on normal (while collecting evidence) so i think ive covered most things.

Its not as if im missing a few of the hard ones but im missing some real easy ones like undertaker (hide boddies after killing them) sandman (subdue three people)

I know i have filled the requirements for these play styles but they;re not checked off on my list.

Any ideas plz?


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I got the undertaker on the Rosewood level in the Nursery Ball pit Damm that thing can hide upto 6 bodies achievement garenteed and the sandman can be done on the same level.

how do you get spook & bank robber? I used silent pistols and killed 3 NPCs and nothing, also I grab 3 NPCs as shields..nothing! is there something I'm missing. just need to do these 2 to complete

For Spook you have to sneak up behind them and hit X to eliminate with the pistol, you can't aim and shoot.  You need to do three in a row without getting spotted.

Same for bank robber.  You need to grab three people as human shields and knock them out.  I did this by choosing a level where the enemies were spread out so I could grab the first guy and knock him out without anyone seeing and move on like that.