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Search and Destroy, a game type loved and hated by many. In my opinion (and for all you people out there that don't know what it means it means that it's how I view it, and not others, but others can share the same view), Search and Destroy is the gametype that takes the most skill out of all the others in Call of Duty. I've always found it interesting with what classes people use and how they can do good with them, and I'm sure others share that view.

So, here is where everyone can post their classes for Search and Destroy, whether it be for hardcore or softcore.

Gun - PP90M1 w/ Attachements: RDS, and Silencer [I use this because it seems I run faster with this SMG than any other, and the gun itself is pretty amazing to use]

Secondary - XM25 [I use this because it is a great grenade launcher to kill campers out of buildings/corners with.]

Lethal - Semtex [It is a great grenade to get it where you want it, and coupled with its short fuse it is difficult for some enemies to escape.]

Tactical - Flash [I use it for the obvious reason of blinding a person so I can either run past and get the bomb, or actually kill them.]

Perk 1 - Blind Eye [Even though not a lot of people get to use killstreaks in Search, it is always a good thing to have. Just in case]

Perk 2 - Assassin [In my opinion, this is a must have. It is great for getting past UAVs and other players who use baby monitors.]

Perk 3 - Dead Silence [Another perk that is a must have. It is great for being able to hear enemies when your running and not hear your own footsteps which sounds   like a rhino running.]

Strike Package - Specialist w/ 2 KS - Sleight of Hand, 4 KS - Quickdraw, 6 KS - Extreme Conditioning [This all depends on your team. I play with 5 other friends and we each use specific set-ups, so some people may prefer getting UAVs, and others may prefer killstreaks. I use this so that everytime I further my kills I progressively get better and better. And when you get a 8 killstreak it unlocks all the perks in the game that you have available.]

Search and Destroy played - Hardcore

Using this set up I can often get the best player in the lobby. I usually average 10-13 kills a game, and I still manage to plant the bomb to top it all off.


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Nice man. I like that set-up!