Play more Vietnam!

I don't know why people don't play this more...  the environment, sounds, weapons.....  just make it something special and I wish more people would.

See you in the jungle...


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Don't have it, won't buy i because it's dead. It's a vicious cycle.

Yeah it was a real shame with Vietnam on bc2... They really messed up from the start with this as they waited sooooooo long to release it that already a lot of people had stopped playing. The life of Vietnam seemed very very short and it didnt take long until the games were half empty.

I agree op, the sounds, the gameplay and the feel of the maps is great.

Still one of the best DLC's to date.. managed to get a couple of games over the weekend that were 8v8/10v10.. still rocks

Nothing like running through the mud with your sandals on... then getting burned....  :D

might have a look next time i fire bc2 up then, last time i jumped on vietnam i could only find games with a few people in.  Which game mode were you playing BattFink ?

Searching for Conquest, Any map, seems to be the best way to find a game.

cq hastings is usually a hit.

correct I did find a good game of conquest hastings the other night