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Im putting together an all pistols team for playing tonight. We will be playing regular core TDM matchmaking. The only rule is NO PRIMARIES. Obviously, this is just for fun and cannot be enforced. The goal is to have all (or most) people on our team playing with pistols only, just to mess the with other team, and obviously, to win.


Scavenger is highly recomended, if you run out of ammo your on the honnor system to not use your primary untill you fine more ammo or another pistol.


Last time some friends and I did this, we went 15 games without a loss and had people raging at us for using pistols and asking us to use or primaries. It was funny.


Game will be played within a few hrs, after 3-5 people have msgd me. Once we have a team of 4+ we will play.


Msg ot poat here if you want an invite.


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Wouldn't playing hardcore modes be better for pistols only?

easier, yes...

more fun, no...

Plus, it pisses them off more when they know that you are pistoling them in core lmao.

Damage is actually ok, Python is a 2-4 hit and it goes up from there.

any takers still looking for peeps. A1 Kill Sauce, were you up for it?

Yo, create a private server with 12 and rotate it threw pistols only and knife only so it'd be more fun. We did knife only on capture the flag and it was a lot easier to cap it. We all ran light weight  and marathon it turned out to be quite enjoyable. If I'm on I'll be down.

ill do this send me a FR

Noooo if only I saw this earlier!! I was even on a kill streak yesterday using the CZ pistol. Ironically, I think I got a higher killstreak using only the pistol than I did with shotguns and assault rifles. >.>

Oh, and pistol + Scavenger + extended mags = win.