Pistol Kills

What's the most you have? I have 970 currently on M1911 Tac.


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145 pistol kills all together atm,I only use it as a back up.

18 I think on the G18, 27 + 8 on the G17C. From all pistols I have around... 50 kills?

1080 with the 1911 supp.  Its my number 3 weapon in kills, almost 2.  I use it on my sniper kit, so I end up using it pretty frequently.

Like 8-9 in one game

About 70.


Most with one gun is 43 or so with the G18 Suppressed, all the rest have less than 10 kills each.


Rarely use my pistol

406 total.

nice sir

2,526 pistol kills. I primarily use the MP443 Tactical and the suppressed M1911.

550-some. Most for now is like 103 with the .44 magnum, but i'm starting to really like the M1911 lately.

183 kills with 1911.  But its not like BC2 where seemed like ya had more time to hide and change weapons when you were in a firefight and primary weapon needed a reload so I switched to pistol a ton of times.  On BF3 seems like I usually just mow people down with primary til I die.