Piri Reis Diversion Bomb Mission

Having problems getting 100% sync on the Piri Reis mission where you're using the diversion bomb. It says I'm supposed to cause at least two conflicts between the two enemy groups, with different guards each time. The first phase only includes one group, so I suppose I can't do anything there, but the second phase has two groups that attack each other when I throw the bomb at the marked area. That's one out of two, but where and how do I cause the second conflict? Are there more groups somewhere?


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I too would like to know how to get full sync.  I ever tried throwing a second boomb in the send portion of the mission to get them to attack each other again but nothing happened.

What you do during that mission is when you are told to escape the area, drop off the roof on your right side, head towards a certain faction which will cause you to be in open conflict, run towards the other faction, this will cause factions to engage. From that point escape area and you should have that part fully synched.