Pink Screen on Live TV on Xbox One

I have gone through the setup for Live TV and everything went great. I have Time Warner Cable and sometime when I browse to channels using the Live TV app channels appear with a pink screen. It is not always the same channels or shows. It varies like tonight it was ABC for about an hour then an HBO channel for a while. But the next time I watch TV it might USA and TBS. I run the HDMI cable from the cable box straight to the TV and these channels look fine on the TV, tested this when a channel was displaying in pick on the Live TV app. Run it through the Xbox and start browsing channels and I will find a pink channel. I think it is an issue with a show being displayed in less then 1080p. I tried the TV setting for Auto detect instead of HDMI same issue. Something with the Live TV app is not displaying channels correct. I have tested this on 2 TVs same issue on both. I have tried 3 different HDMI cables same issue. I had an issue with my disc drive a while back and Xbox sent me a refurbished one. So same issue on both Xbox ones. Same issue on the old as I have on this one. The issue does not appear to be with Time Warner Cable as the cable works fine without the Xbox.

Also I am preview member, but I had this issue before I was a preview member and continue to have this issue as a preview member.



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