I have been running into alot of issues lately where I will get the drop on someone and put half a magazine into them and they don't die, but instead kill me.  When I watch the killcam, It doesn't even show that I fired at them.  I have run speed tests on my internet and seem to be fine in download speed (between 12 and 20 mbps)  but my ping is at 35.  Is this a high ping or about normal? 


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i think that less than 50 is good for gaming but thats more personal opinion. do you have a great deal of jitter?

Both Download AND Upload Speed come to play. What's your upload speed?

Ping is in milliseconds. If you have 100 ping or latency, then your actions take 1 tenth of a second to reach the server. 35 is awesome. It's not opinion, if we both pull the trigger at the exact same time and I have a lower ping, you die, barring other factors. FPS games can be played up to ~150 ping, maybe 200 if you know the map and know how to lead you bullets if it's a moving target. I've been beaten on PC with a 50 ping and the other guy had 400. Poor guy had dialup, but he made the best of it!

    Speed tests can be deceiving ... as they only last for a minute or less, while internet connections can vary greatly from minute to minute. ........ and even more over different times of day.

    There are programs out there such as robotest that allow you to ping a server at regular intervals over a period of time. For example ... I ping google every 15 seconds and let it run for several hours or even all day.  

    Then you can review the log and see how consistent your connection is.


    Another thing that may be happening is that you may be host and are the victim of the lag compensation. I dont know this for fact, but to my understanding . the host is given a handicap based on the average connection in the lobby. If everyone in the lobby has a good connection you are ok, but if there is even one person with a poor connection, host gets screwed.

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@only4ladyeh: Why you don't understand big boys and girls talking?

To Strawberry Catz:  I don't know what jitter is. LOL

To XBL Dutch:  My upload speed is around 2100-2700

To a tired old guy:  Good info. Thanks

^jitter is the variance of your ping tests. running a ping test once isnt enough to give you a good idea of how your connection is performing. 0% would mean that the results are the same every time, and anything higher than that is the variance in your line. i would do some ping tests during different times of the day before you jump to any conclusions about your line, such as start of business, lunch break, dinner time, prime time (8pm-10pm), and late night to compare your results to really understand how your connection performs and the times it performs best.

Ping Zings are nice clubs.

Its all about the "Upload". I think anything above 2 or 3 constantly is OK, mines 5, with 15 Down.

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