Pinball FX2 Need Help

Hey Everyone

I got a problem with pbfx2 . I downloaded some new tables and after that all my friends were gone in my buddy list . Now everytime i play , the game won´t add my friends points to mine and so the magic points won´t get higher . Besides before i downloaded the new tables my magic points were much higher anyway . I got like eight friends that play pbfx2 but no points added to mine . Anyone know what causes that ?


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I never had anything like that happen to me. I only have 1 friend that has the game though so that might be why. Did you deleting them and re-download them?

Have your friends finished a round since you bought the new tables? I noticed my kids' scores were missing from mine after I got Mars, none of them have played since Mars. Send me a FR- see if I show up.

Yup I deleted them and so on but would do nothing . I guess its like Th3 Tater said . Nobody ever played since i downloaded the new tables and after FR from him he shows up in my buddy list . I try that later when somone is online . Thx