Pilot Rodeo Counter Measure Alternative

Haven't tried this yet but I think instead of using electric smoke as a rodeo defense wouldn't the satchel charge work better? I could just place some  around the vulnerable spot of my Titan and at exact the moment that I get boarded by an enemy pilot I'd hop out and double tap x. Anyone know if this works? If it does I'll probably run with Vortex Shield again.


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Tried this way back, found the satchel charge to disappear after you go for a walk in the titan.

That sounds like an interesting idea but wouldn't the bomb disappear when you get in a titan?

If I'm not running electric smoke what I do as a rodeo defense is exit the Titan and throw a sat charge at the pilot. This method has yet to fail me :)

^That's what I do as well, never failed yet. And basically what happens if you place the the  satchel on your titan, it doesn't disappear what happens is the first time you get into a fight with another titan it will explode the first time he shoots you, and it actually damages your titan a little bit

I tried this with two charges and ended up depleting my shields once someone shot me.

Hmm I'm kind of disappointed but I guess its balances the game out if you're not able to get easy kills that way. The satchel charge seems to work well when you use it to doom other titans. I thought I could use it in a defense way.

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Crouch and look down.  Then when you see the "rodeo" icon disappear, dash backwards a couple times and find the cowboy, then shoot him.  Works most of the time.  Sometimes people don't fall for it, or are smart enough to cloak and get to higher ground.  

A few more ways to counter rodeos:

Get out of the titan, cloak, and walk to the side, never walk straight back or be predicable, and shoot them or satchel charge them.

Shoot a cluster rocket at the wall, and turn your back into it, it will kill the rodeoer.

Get someone else to kill them.

Disploy smoke and kneel, if they jump off simple dash out of the way, and turn round and shoot them in the titan.

I think they should throw some added utility on particle wall. My idea is that if you are being rodeod and walk through it, it either knocks the pilot off, or messes up their HUD like an arc grenade. I just feel like Particle Wall is too easy to work around, 90% of the time someone uses it on me, I just move into cover until it disappears, or dash around it. Too often I end up using people particle walls against them. This would give it a nice benefit, and by making it a non-damage, utility only move i don't think it would throw balance out of whack.

I actually love when people use the P-Wall. They think they're perfectly safe behind it until I dash through it and Big Punch their shields away.   In my opinion Enemy Titans shouldn't be able to cross through the barrier.

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