Pikes Peak Rally Race Map

This custom Farcry 3 map is a rally race map based off the iconic rally stage "Pikes Peak". Its not a 1:1 but the inspiration of the map came from looking at Pikes Peak video and pictures.

VIDEO: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=itIiRnCxf2I&feature=youtu.be


DL "Pikes Peak Rally" in game.
Go to map in the in game editor.
Spawn a Buggy at the bottom of the mountain, on top of the clearly marked starting area.



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Whats a race map if you have to manually place the vehicle yourself, that's just silly.

That looks fun. We may have to have a little time-trial with it lol.

Fortified: Well you cant publish maps with vehicles in it soooo.....

Ecellent work Krazee.  I am building a CTF mode type map in the hope they offer a CTF game mode as DLC.  Maybe they will offer vehicles also for a published map.  They should cause so many people want it so.  

@Krazee: srsly? That kinda sucks :/

@Fortified, ya dude, it sucks. We are hoping for a future patch.

Ok, this just went live at FCMAPS.net

So check it out there for pics. (If youre not a video guy)