Pigs Can Fly: Minecraft XBox One Issue, Glitch, or Bug


As of a few days ago I started experiencing some issues on a world I've been developing that I am hoping someone can help me resolve. Symptoms include the following:

  • Flying animals: When I strike a cow, pig, or other animal is starts warping all over the screen at a rapid pace. I cannot usually hit it again until it has returned to a calm state.
  • Mobs can shoot through walls: Skeletons can shoot through blocks and they don't seem to miss.

Today I created a new world and lo and behold it has the exact same issue. However, using an existing world or creating a new one under a different profile other than mine and there is no issue. This leads me to  believe it's a profile issue in which case I am hoping someone can offer a solution on how to fix.

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I'm having similar issues since the latest update (4/29/15?). The game is pretty much unplayable. Skeletons etc. appear on my bed, spiders fly, animals cruise around underground and appear as black blobs, etc., etc. This is very frustrating, especially since I just got the game and my son and I really like to play it together. Is a fix coming or is the issue just being ignored?

Any idea when will come out update for this problem?

Ive had this problem since the recent game update. game pritty unplayable. xbox 360 version does not seem to be bugged in the same way as the xbox one after the update. Microsoft please sort, their just seems to be issues with a lot of xbox games over the last year . especially new releases.

Same issues here, only since most recent update. Eta on fix?

I don't think it is a profile issue as if your profile trades equally tagged between both games, old and new, then the bug would apply to both equally despite save data. In example, your game was started before the last update which has data stored within the save from before the patch, and after, but all new games work entirely off of the new data.

I have found that the animals have had strange pathing issues, and even walking through walls as well, along with the agro mobs having the ability to hit you despite where they are, and I don't kid when I say they could be way out in the middle of the ocean and still be causing damage.

I actually watched a horse leaping in and out of the water the other day, shortly before a crazy glitch or bug that wiped out all of the hanging paintings, and all item frames from my saved game.

My wife and I have stopped playing the game all together as we don't wish for other games to possibly corrupt, or for our work inside the games to get wiped from something glitch, and despite what others may think, I would suggest anyone else who has spent a good amount of time on the game do the same.

I am having this trouble as well. There seem to be lots of issues:

a) path is broken for all mobs (they jump up into the sky, walk across the sky, etcc.

b) mobs can walk and somewhat see through walls (skeletons can potentially shoot you through walls)

The next two, I THINK are issues, but could be I'm seeing things (maybe it was always the case, but I play a lot, and things did seem off)

c) if you hurt animals (for food, materials) they seem to run even faster than normal to get away

d) Creepers seem to be lightning charged, so deal more damage (it could be I had less armour on, wasn't on stone for a normal comparison)

This is, like you are seeing, only when you have people playing with you (in this case, the people were local, cannot speak to network joined players).

Having same problem its driving my son insane. Once you go to two player on xbox one we have, mobs go crazy. So I guess from what I read they will send a patch out in a few weeks?


Posted an hour ago by [4J Studios] Steven Woodward in the link above, "This has been fixed Internally." The lack of quality control is very disappointing and begs the question as to whether multiplayer was tested prior to release of the update.

UPDATE: After further investigation the issue occurs when two or more players are in the same world. That is, when I join my world and play single player everything functions as normal. However, only when additional players join the world does the issue start. It does not matter who created the world or whether the world is newly created or an existing one. While I tried uninstalling Minecraft from the Xbox and installing again, the problem persists.

Thanks for the reply Talvish. I've only tested with local players as well so I don't know if this issue extends beyond that. Also, your points, a - c, are exactly what I'm seeing too. Your third point 'c' is definitely an issue and I cannot comment on 'd' as I have run into any creepers in my limited testing.

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