Pickpocket Poisons - *May contain Spoilers*

Just wondering if anyone has gotten this perk (under the thief tree) and used it succesfully as I haven't had any luck with it.  Every time I try to reverse pickpocket and leave a poison behind (as this perk is for that purpose - "silently harm someone putting poison in their pocket") - it says I can' t  poison my current weapon with this - no matter which poison I try to use.....any thoughts on waht I am doing wrong?


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Are you hitting the right button? In everything else where you have to give something that is the X button, the A button tries to use it which, obviously, you can't.

Edit: Nevermind - I'm a big loser - I was pushing the wrong button......soo embarrassing, walking away now...*.face palm*

yes, noticed that right afterward - should have been obvious! Thanks for your help though... (sheepish grin)

If that's all you have to be sheepish about you're doing great.