Picking locks on chests

It seems I am having a problem with picking locks on chests at forts. It says that you are supposed to pick yhem when you captured a fort i still can't pick them. Is there something I am doing wrong or is it a glitch?


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No its a bit difficult until you find the trick. I had this problem too, just use small motions once you  lock in the left thumb hold it, use the right thumb until it cliks in and use right trigger to brake the lock open.

i've noticed that some of the chests no matter how slow i rotate the analog stick it just won't trigger so try rotating it in the other direction. it has worked for me but can't say if it matters which way you rotate or if it is just random luck that it worked for me

if you liberate the citys boston and new york you get a chest key so you no longer have to pick locks in that city

I guess the folks at Ubisoft didn't think about people with disabilites

I had liberated both cities and I still didn't get a key.Do you have to craft one?

no after i had finished the last liberation mission in NY i got a message saying i had recieved a chest key for NY, so i went up to a chest and it just opened without having to pick the lock

I hate the lockpicking mechanic in this, it seems that once I get them in the right place they don't stay there no matter how steady I hold the analog sticks when I start breaking the lock.