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I was reading the battlefield 3 blog.  I read this statement in the interview.  Pick up and play.. Instead of play our way or play something else.  This is a huge change in the way dice does things.  Conquest and Rush are confirmed along with team deathmatch.   


Between the statement pick up and play along with play your way not the way others want you to.   This does not look well for the squad.  The final paragraph for the hardcore guys is most disturbing. Cleverly omitting what they are doing.


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While on the one hand this sounds a bit less than appealing I'll reserve judgment for the final product I guess. I don't want to jump to a conclusion because I inevitably seem to be wrong more often than I care to remember.

Yeah me too.

ill admit when i saw lonewolf, it freaked me out. That is the opposite of what BF needs. this is squad based. Although you will never hear me say you must play this way. Just that squad play has always been the objective of BF games.I will also wait for final judgement when the game comes out.

Hopefully it will just weed out the players who don't go for the objectives etc.. now they have their own game mode to all play... Only time will tell though. I know I'll definitely be picking this up day one.

i dont like "pick up and play" and "battlefield" being put in the same sentence.

Lead designers from dice words not mine.  check out battlefield blog interview.

I'll reserve judgment for the when the final product releases. Although DICE has said some things that concern me they did a (mostly) great job with every single one of their games and did a lot to iron out the kinks and balance the game. While I know BF3 won't be perfect when it releases I trust DICE to fix things once problems start to arise.

I think when he says "lone wolf" I believe he means Team Deathmatch.