that is... if this *** game is still poppin.

so whats good with it, do people still play?  are the servers still up?

lemme know, i appreciate it


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i play it its a sick game

hell yea it is, my fav multiplayer...

anyhow, ill be back on in about 2 weeks...

"proud of you"

May I inquire as to why your name should be taken with so much importance and fame?

well, it shouldnt.

its a *** multiplayer game on 360 for christ sake.

but i made this thread because i was cool with alot of people that played it, plus alot of people know me from the peter griffin *** id play, and how id *** around all the time and never take the game seriously

its been like 3 years since ive played it tho

That was Legend's point, you posted your intro as if everyone here should have automatically known you, and that you were something beyond special.

You aren't though, and I don't mean any disrespect though. Maybe way back when you were a known face, but I've never heard of you either.

none taken, i just posted this here because i cant message my friends yet and at first i couldnt *** get on the saints row website and post, but i figured it out now.

plus way back when i got banned from these forums on like 4 different accounts alot of the people that played the game checked this forum out.

so, yea... if yall play protect the pimp, know youll know who i am when you run into me.


Just curious is all. Like James said, never heard of you before either. I'll show myself out.