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Can someone explain what is the score with Phantoms? I have read that I can put down a sign and be called as a Phantom or I can call someone, to beat bosses I guess. How do I put down a sign. Can I be a Phantom for someone else's boss fight to help them too. The experience of fighting a boss and not having to go back to the bonfire would be a nice change of pace.




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OK, first, you need an item that allows you to put down signs, just like the orange soapstone that allows you to put down messages.


You need the white soapstone. If you know where the red dragon is, the dragon where you get the drake sword from, right after you defeat the tartus demon on the bridge, you head the opposite direction the dragon is at on that same bridge.


Say, if the dragon is forward on that bridge, you go backwards on that same bridge to the very end.


There's a knight with white armor, talk to him and he will give you the white soapstone.


With that item, you can summon others and be summoned. To summon others, you just have to be alive and look for the summons signs on the ground, trust me, if you see it, you'll know what it is. it's bright and you can see it from a far distance too.


and for others to summon you, you have to be hallow(dead) and you have to physically use the stone to put your sign on the ground. Your sign will appear in other peoples games in the spot you left it at. so use it in a spot that seems like it would have heavy traffic.

Great info, thanks very much. It should prove useful I hope.