Phantasy Star Universe: Worth the fee?

I remember playing the old one back on my Dreamcast and enjoying it alot.  I noticed recently that it was added to the GOD section of marketplace.  My question being is it worth the $10 monthly fee?  Do people even still play it?  I would assume if they added it to the GOD list, they wouldn't have done it if no one played it.


Your thoughts?


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Yes, people still play, even though i haven't played for month or two..  Last time i played it the first universe is always almost or full in peak time, been like that for long time.  But it is worth playing in my opinion it's like an MMO with no PVP, and the japan version is still like 6 months head of the US version when  it comes to content witch is dir in it self.   AND since M$ are MMO haters and everyone so obsessed with shooters now days it is sick(in a bad way),  your not going to see an true well put together MMO on 360.  But keep pumping out those army shooters got to get ready for World War 3..

It ticks me off that game makers are getting lazy with the modern rpg's. I mean really, games like PSU and FF XI all pretty much died and they some of the best games I ever played.  so come on game designers, at least make one more, actually good, mmorpg.

They would come up with something, if it wasn't for the strict xbox live policy...

I would say no. The games way to repetitive and the last time I played, the community was just plain awful. (IE: Scammers and drastically overpriced items that shouldn't cost anywhere near what they were up for because of a few kids controlling the entire economy)


Most creatures / bosses in the game are nothing more than reskins with difference colored attacks. When I quit the level cap was increased to like 160 I think. That's just way too much grinding to do just to get to "end game" content that you won't be able to do because you won't have good weapons / armor.


One last thing to point out is if you actually buy the game, you'll also have to purchase the expansion (1600 MSP I think?) or you won't really be able to do anything whatsoever.

I played about a year ago when the first universe was always full. I recently just came back, like 2 days ago and now it seems like universe 2 is constantly full and universe one is usually sitting on about half full. It's a good game and worth it if you have people to play with but if you play alone it can get very repetitive.  


It's good, but odds are it'll get repetitive for most people. It's different from PSO, but not too different, but it's enough that it'll rub some PSO fans the wrong way.

The community, you'll have the worst players being the most vocal. There are great players, but they're not as well spoken, and tend to keep into smaller groups. Meeting them depends on your social ability usually, since they may not invite random people.

As for the economy, it's not as bad as Bon3zz puts it. Yes there's some over priced things, but your ability to make meseta (money) depends on your ability of a shop keep, or your luck. I have an E stat luck, but I knew what to keep and what to sell so I was able to always have enough funds for what I needed. (40-50%-ish gear, and so forth.) Best idea is to look to the Japanese server, and know what will be worth what ahead of time.

The game is having some management issues, and if you'll notice that all of Sega's forums and Pass systems are down still. So they're rather busy at the moment. I suggest asking at pso-world for better insight.

I quit in December of 2010, but I was one of the first to join in 2006 and continuously played until that date. So I think my experience is still relevant. Your experience with the game will depend on the time you're willing to put in, and your ability to deal with a grind, as well as other factors.


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I have to double post, sorry. (I can't edit it anymore.) Wanted to clarify one important thing that was said, the expansion is FREE now. It used to cost 1600, but they made it a free later on.

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