Phantasy Star Online Episodes 1 and 2 (XBOX)

Ever wonder what happen to PSO for the original Xbox, and where it is now. Maybe even asking why online access was shut off to begin with, and why their was never a backwards capability released for the xbox360.

I have sent Microsoft, Sonice Team (Sega), PSO-World, SCHTServ, and XBConnect emails wilth follow ups on this problem and am still waiting for a response.

I have opened up a twitter account dedicated to this project w/ a petition linked to it:!/layfette0911

PSO - World - ( has an unwritten rule that does not allow the sharing of links to private servers for this forgotten game. They have also ststed they are affiliated with Sonic Team (Sega), and will not allow any topic to even speak of SCHTServ, ARGO, and XBConnect. So its' been hard trying to gather information about this game and where it stands as of now, and where it will be in the future. 

SCHTServ - ( supports most PSO games on their private servers but PSO for xbox do to the XBL problem.

Reasons why SCHTServ cannot host PSO for the xbox (article link:

  • Create our own XBL server (M$ would sue us, so we can't do this)
  • Pay M$ to put the XBL server back up and link to us (M$ wouldn't want one of their games to link to an unofficial server, so we can't do this)
  • Alter the game's executable completely and strip all XBL data from it so it would connect directly, essentially turning PSOX into PSOGC running on an Xbox with no voice chat ability and no gamertags (nobody is smart enough to make these kinds of changes, so we can't do this)


XBConnect - ( allows you to play Xbox games with multiplayer features enabled, but does not support PSO at this time sadly.

(XBConnect forum article

Follow me on Twitter and stay update with PSO and my campaign:!/layfette0911


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They still have online servers up for the other PSO titles (gamecube, dreamcast, PSOBB on PC)

Google: SCHTServ

And of course I almost left out the PSP and DS - can't forget also are active online through their systems

Haha that's okay ^_^

Yeah I'll patiently wait for the Vita version : )

The storyline in PSO I & II was really good... the forest level is classic : D

PSO will return trust me....PSOR is already working on that..

But the new PSO game release coming up that your talking about is called PSO2 and its on the PC and PS Vita, they are doing beta testing right now.

I can give you the link w/ instructions so you can sign up. (in Japanese for the PC for beta,)

I LOVE PSO. I have PSO I & II Plus as well... there's a new PSO coming out next year (I don't think for Xbox though!) And it looks good.

PSU was not the same as PSO.. hope this one coming out will be better : )

With Jet Set coming out on Arcade this summer, maybe there's a chance PSO I & II can return someday too : D

I took the xbox version over the DC version because of the headsets chatting option and the amount of lag that was being reduced when going online....

The DC would appear to be better only cause it still has its online feature were xbox does not...that would be the only reason.....

but I would still pick the xbox version.......the veteran in me says leave no one

By the way it really does blow that the xbox only has split screen for multiple players now offline, because you know if it were to have system links enabled you could use XBConnect and go online again through LAN connectors..... but sadly it doe not :(

I'm looking at the back off the box now, and yeah seems i was wrong about splitcreen 1-4 and offline mode. Meh... was more into PSO on Dreamcast anyway. =)

One could hope they port it, or you could support PSOR...

Actually the xbox version has an offline mode, and I myself was using a few hours ago. I believe what you meant to say was it has split screen feature, but it does not have system link feature.  

History lesson:

the xbox version was released before WoW, and has 2 million players (2003), and was the first MMORPG for the xbox.

I still have this game on Xbox, and it's utterly useless lol

And if i recall correct the Xbox version lacked an offline mode and splitscreen mode, which the Gamecube version had.

It was still fun though i made lots of friends on that game.

You could always hope Sega ports PSO from Dreamcast or make PSO 2 available Xbox 360 in the future.

"If you're joking, that's cruel; but if your being sarcastic, that's even worse."

Bungie are making a new MMO which it looks like will be coming out on XBOX so perhaps you should just play that.

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