Permanently banned from halo 4

I have played halo 4 since it came out, then on December 31, 2012 it was the last time i played it. About a week later I put Halo 4 on and went to play online but it says that this account has been permanently banned.


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Stop quitting games.


Sorry, bud, no one in here can help you. All you can do is post in that thread.

I quit a few games to join friends. Would it be that i got banned for using mountain dew/ Doritos double xp in halo 4 so much?

I'd say if you were perma banned it would have to have been something more serious than quitting games... Like modding/hacking. And no, obviously using mt dew double xp wouldn't get you banned, it's a legit promotion.  But I bet you already knew that. Hacking/modding is the only thing serious enough for a permanent ban I can think of, but that's not it, or you would be banned from live all together.  Maybe it's a mistake if you honestly don't know... Contact Xbox support. I8004myxbox. Or contact 343 through their website directly.  Good luck, let us know what happens.