Permanent crash with Forza 5...back to xbox one homescreen

Impossible to play more than 5 ou 10 minutes, even less, and the game crashes et I'm back on the home...

Already done : 

- uninstall the game twice

- erase my party (local and cloud)

- clean cach

- turn off and unplug the xbox

- play with or without internet connection

- and reinitialise my profile 

And I still have the crash...

Is there anything else to do ?

(no problem with other game like Titanfall, Fifa, Just Dance, ...)

Thanks for you help


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You've pretty much done ( and more ) what I would have suggested.

The only other thing I would suggest ( if you haven't already ) is post on the Official Forza Forums. There's some very helpful people over there and hopefully someone will have an answer.

Good luck.

ok thanks, just done it ! I let you know If i find a solution overthere

I still have no solution, and I have the same problem with Kinect Sport Revival...permanent crash to the home screen !! I can't play with microsoft games !! amazing !!!

I was on the phone with xbox customer service for almost 6 hours, they end up refunding me my money.

Don't know if it's the xbox one or what? Tested Forza 5 on 2 brand new xbox one, and it still didn't work.

I Got my brand new xbox one then got Forza 5, 5 days later. It didn't work, next day went to bestbuy and exchange for another brand new un-open xbox one, and it still didn't work.

Yes we (myself and xbox CSR) did everything you did and more. We even went into my router and DMZ my xbox. No luck.

I"ve had the same issue with all my games. Bought a brand new xbox on 9/5 and I've tried every troubleshooting stepa and Forza kicks me back to the home screen when I try to start it up. I've exchanged 2 xboxs and still nothing. Searching trying to find a solution and I've gotten no response from MS.

I had this problem this morning.  Started on Forza 5 Nurbergring track.  It just keeps loading and loading.  Doesn't let me play.  Then I dashboarded the xbox1 to go play something else then I try and reload Forza 5.  Then it wouldn't load the game at all or any other game.  Only trick that worked to get any of my games to work again.

Is unplug power cord and disconnect internet cord for XBox1.  Then plug it all back in the games work.  Did all that and raced on a few tracks and back to where I can pick my tracks in C class.  Nurburgring must be corrupted or something.  Shows spinning circle loading screen and music playing been loading for like 10 minutes already.

Finally got Nurburging track to work finally.  Kept tapping a few buttons on controller while it was loading up.  Guess that did the trick.  Other wise last time it sat for like 20 minutes of loading and changes songs and every thing.  I was gonna blame the preview update this morning I had.  Cause I had no problems playing Forza 5 any other day.  So who knows?

I have had the exact issue, had a 40.3gb install its now 27.7gb game wont even load from the dash and wont uninstall for that matter

Are you in the preview beta for the xbox dashboard?  I am.  Seems like since that new update this morning my xbox1 seems weird.  Forza 5 never acted up like this with long loading screen of the race tracks that never load up.  Then when you force a dashboard then try different game is the start of the bug where it doesn't play any games.

It's not the preview beta. It's an issue with DLC cars/tracks loading apparently on MS's end.

I'm having the same issue with Nurburgring. It gets stuck on the load screen and only way to get Forza to even load again is to hard reboot the console.

Thread here......

This has been happening off and on for more than week, seriously reconsidering my Horizon pre-order.

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