Performance tracker stuck on amateur 1?! cant unlock legends?

So ive played quite a bit of "Be A Pro" Mode, and reached Pro 1. Now in the Menu where performance tracker is listed(is where i assume you unlock your legends from) im stuck on amateur 1. it says my progress is 100%, i have 24 games played and need 1 to progress, overall grade B and i only need a D. Anyone know why this is? I want my legends! any help would be awesome!


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please help!

I don't get it either. I didn't want to play be a pro for a year to unlock Gretz. All I wanted to do was to put Gretz on my favorite team and play seasons, this is kinda lame.

to have any of the legends on you GM or season team, just move them in the Roster Moves.  they are all on the Legends team.

Unlocking them only lets you play as them in BAP.  (just my guess.  but the previous about the roster moves is true.)

Figured it out!

So to unlock more legends for BAP you need to rank up all of the skater positions (Center, Left, Right, and Defense).

Therefore you need to start a BAP for all positions.  I used my created skater for LW, and pros for the rest (yes NHLers and Legends count for the Tracker).

Tonight, I play 1 NHL reg season game as Datysuk (center), Zetterberg (at RW), and Lidstrom (defense).  (note i had already raked up 30 some games with my created LWer.)  After playing the third game, I unlocked Yzerman, Salming, and Chelios.  The tracker bumped me from Amateur 1 to Pro 3. (now i just need to play 50 games at each position to move on to the next rank.)

Good Luck all!

Man i didnt do none of that! I went to "Be a Legend", saw Jeremy Roenick available and started a career with him, it plays pretty quick since you can sim when your not in the game. After a few games i saved and exited. Came back later and wanted more legends so went to New, and it tells you at the top what you gotta do to unlock each one, it said reach pro 1 in performance tracker or whatever. So i found performance tracker under be a pro. I opened it once and looked at it is all, then went back to Be a Legend and Chelios was unlocked. Then i was on a roll, Loaded up roenick again and played a bunch more games, saved and did the same went to performance tracker in Be a Pro, then back to Be A Legend and i now have also Salming and Yzerman unlocked, next up is Bourque, all i need to unlock him i guess is play 50 games and im over 30 now with Roenick, so should have over half the list unlocked very soon! :)  And i just got the game last week!