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Me and my buddies used to play Goldeneye back in the day on the Nintendo 64, so we were looking at getting this game. But what I am wondering is if I can play split screen as well as online at the same time? My friend has a brother and it would be nice if all three of us could play together, me over live and them two splitscreen over live.


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I sure hope it allows split screen considering how important that was to the original release. If they removed that then they're just trying to be greedy, as usual.

Dont fear, you can. It is exactly how it was and more now. Playing offline is the best because the lag is not bad.

I dont think i've ever been able to find an online lobby for this game :(


But it does support split screen.

Well I know it supports split screen, but can it be played in larger matches via xbl. Like Halo, or Black Ops where you can still play with others.

Yeah dont ever search for it, if you want a game with randoms go to the perfect dark forums and get a game with them. Be warned though they are very very good.

O sorry didnt answer you question at all, but yes it can be played similar to those titles mentioned. but like i just said if you are hoping to find randoms it wont happen, but if you have 2 xboxes and 8 people it would be a blast.

Alright thanks.

The netcode for online simply sucks. You keep getting desynchronized which not only means you get disconnections but you also get 3-4 seconds of MAJOR LAG! Virtually unplayable most of the time.

Is it like that for private matches?

Not too sure, haven't tried online Private matches, but public matches are awful. The best way i find to play multiplayer is locally.