Perfect Dark 2?

Was playing the Original Perfect Dark again earlier today and got me wondering if they're ever going to pick up on the Perfect Dark series again. I looked around at a few articles but all I could find fan rumors mostly, but one someone solid article from OXM about a rumored Perfect Dark 2.


Does anyone else know anything that might possibly me a new Perfect Dark title? What would you like to see from it if they were to make a new one? Personally I'd rather see it be anything but like Perfect Dark: Zero that one was pretty disappointing.


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Most people who like PDZ never played the original or didn't play the original until afterward. Likewise, most people who didn't like PDZ played the original first. However the title is confusing but the blockpost doesn't recognize the obvious, although the obvious is applied. PDZ is the sequel. :/ Although I've played both PD and GoldenEye remakes... that old gameplay was a blast then, but doesn't stand up to modern shooters. I found the remakes very boring. Didn't finish either of them and regret buying the DP arcade game. So a sequel with that syle being copied will just end in ruin. If there were a PD3, it would have to be modern.

Microsoft have relegated Rare to Kinect only projects. Unless it's awful, and Kinect controlled Rare wont touch it.

perfect dark is the best game ever made. period. and they made zero i liked it the whole time. they need to completely remake number 1 to remake the series followed by 2. i would be pleased. like cram perfect dark 64 onto a full disc for 360 and add as much stuff as possible to make a sequal to zero. then i will buy another xbox 360. for now im going back to timesplitters on my new ps2. lol. they at least finished what they started.

Rare is too busy making crappy Kinect games.

Whatever happened to Rare anyway? Last thing i've even see them release was the Perfect Dark remake for XBLA and that was at least a year go.

The story could still go on, and they could make it more cinematic with hands instead of fists.

[quote user="Dadtime Stories"]

It had nothing to do with skill. It was the fact that they left out all the things from the original that made it great in the first place. 


It may have missed a few features from the original, but that hardly makes it a "bad" game, and it's still one of the better games on this system considering it was a launch title.


Personally I think some of you live in nostalgia. Perfect Dark Zero was a damned good game for a launch title, offering far more than even alot of games today, and far exceeded my expectations considering the development hell it was dragged through.


As someone else said above I had played the original Perfect Dark back in the day so I guess I was just expecting something a little closer to how the original was, Story wise anyway the campaign was really the only thing that disappointed me.

I loved the multiplayer though used to play it all the time back when there was actually players online. I wish people still played it.


Same with PD for XBLA I have never found a lobby since the week of release.

I'd be fine with it being just like Zero, at least we wouldnt have to worry about it being just another CoD clone..

mhmm so you just wanted a PD remake. I played PD z before playing PD and think its a great game.

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