People who smacktalk are beggining to less and less intimadate me and thats a good thing.

I feel bad for people who smacktalk over xbox live. A lot are woundned people and have been bullied. I remember when I was bullied i took my anger out on a video game smacktalking aganist little kids lol. I guess when you grow up you learn to except things in life. Does anyone here know people that get bullied at school and than act all **** on a video games im just curious?


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Yeah, I know exactly what you mean.. I myself prefer not trash talk unless I'm in a party with my friends and we're all doing it.


I know a few people like that but they don't really get bullied they just love talking people down. But surprisingly most of them can actually back it up.

I don't really smack talk, seeing little point in it since I rather just enjoy playing the game. If the game gets on my nerves, I'll just switch to something else in the meantime. Don't know of anyone, personally, that's been bullied and starts acting like an internet tough guy, but that sounds like a nice chunk of randoms you come across in any game. Also sounds like a nice chunk of the forums if you keep a level head and don't mash your keyboard like the rest of them. There are people like that everywhere, who hide behind a mask, screen, voice, or anything else just so they can puff their chest out and act superior. It's pretty funny.

Yes, very funny indeed. One of the few times I fought online the other player kept with the slurs and all kinds of crazy talk. Me and my brother just kept laughing as he or she got whooped. It's silly how people get big online, especially on forums with their caps on lock and all that, probably yelling at their computer screens. They have to take their frustration out on something since they probably would get a smack down in real life. But there is people like that all over.

I'm all about using mute. The second someone starts annoying me, their voice is never heard again. I'm here to play a game, not pretend it's recess in grade school.

People forget how to have fun. Everyone is too competitive and become hostile if things don't go their way. That's pretty much my only annoyance when playing Live.

Skillz is right,the mute button is a magical button LOL  and also go to their gamertag on and avoid them,sometimes that helps. Being a girl playing MK9,I get a lot of those people.

Maybe they smack talk to try and bother you and throw you off your game. Maybe it's working since it affected you enough to post on the forums about it.

@ borss agreed lol