people who onsides kick EVERY time

why don't you play the game for real. nothing is more frustrating than a50/50 chance to recover it even if you are in position. it's way too easy to recover an onside kick if you know how. these people are probably the same *** who go for it every 4th down and run the same unstoppable play every time they are in a3rd and long or 4th down. wtf-are you guys so obsessed with stats and wins/losses that you have to play the game like a 10 yr old?? its just ruining online matches.


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I also think [Mod Removed] and it is people like you that ruin the online experience in any game. Its alright to want to win, but honestly there should be respect there. Im sorry panda, I dont see any NFL team onsiding the pall 5 times in a row in a game. I also dont see any NFL team run the same play over and over and over, Iu also dont see many NFL teams going for it on 4th down unless they are inside the opposing 40 or so, down but a few scores in the 4th, or on the goal line. If your gonna do this kind of crap, then your are gonna be labeled a cheeser plain and simple

ok.  I understand the point you're trying to make, but we dont live in a perfect world.  If me and you watched a random ranked game between the eagles and packers, I think you would agree there's prolly a 90% chance(or better) we are going to see absolute cheeseball being played at some point..

I still dont think I am in the wrong for doing everything I can possibly do to win in a ranked game against someone I dont know.  Partially because I know that the majority would do the same to me if given the opportunity. People play to win.

I dont play like that in my online franchise, and i wouldnt in unranked games against friends.  There are sim leagues/groups you can join, I would def recommend playing those, or just unranked games in general.  Ranked doesnt seem to be the place for you

Yeah okay Panda whatever i like i said in my last post i'm still done talking to you because obviously you'll never get the point of playing fair and my opinion about you still stands.

punting on 4th and 1 is playing fairly?  I've got direct tv, watch almost every game every weekend, and there's been AT LEAST a dozen times where I've seen a team go for it on 4th and 1 or 2, not even in the last 2 mintues, and not even deep in their opponents territory.  You only going for it when you're behind with 2 minutes left is a perfect reason to keep fair play off....  So what if your down 13 with 2:34 on the clock, on your opponents 5 yard line?  Are you going to play fair and kick the field goal? It's not inside 2 minutes so going for it would be cheese...

What if your down by 9 with 3:31 left on your opponents 40?  4th & 1, your going to play fairly and punt?  Its not inside 2 minutes so you've got to punt right?  My point is, there's no way you could put fair play rules in place, because I could ALWAYS name a scenario where a team WOULDNT do what you're saying.  

If some1 wants to be dumb and got for it on 4th and & 11, if he gets it its YOUR FAULT.  Play better defense or start playing to win yourself.  Don't expect another person to play how you think a real life team would, especially when teams don't even play like that to begin with.  If someone converts 4th and 16 against you, dont get mad he went for it, get mad that his offense fooled you.  Play good defense, get the ball back and grind out the clock.  Its that simple

Sure I play to win and play for the fun of it but when i play to win i still do it correctly and play within the real football rules keeping in mind i know this is just a game and as nothing to do with real life but still like i mentioned above even though this is just a game i still play fairly against my opponents online so if even its like 4th and 1 i'm still gonna play fairly and punt the ball away. The only way i'll go for it on 4th down is if its in the 4th quarter and with only 2 minutes or less to go then i'll "go for it" and if i'm losing but it seems like it doesn't matter what quarter your in when u play your always gonna "go for it" and thats just a sheepish way of trying to win and not playing fairly against your opponents  and i'm sure other people who play fairly on here will agree.

sorry, I play ranked matches to win, not to play how I think my opponent wants me to play. If you arent playing to win, why play at all?  

I don't need to give you any reasoning Panda i'm not the only one on these forums plus the EA forums that thinks people like you who can't play the game correctly is ruining it for the people who want to play the game the right way.

Please refrain from calling others idiots on the forums. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated, thank you.


I'd love to hear your reasoning^

Panda your the exact reason why online gaming is completely ruined because people like you who can't play the game the correct way and you have to ruin it for the rest of us who play the right way & fairly you sir are a complete idiot and should do use all a favor and sell your Madden game & your xbox 360 so we have one less idiot to deal with. Thanks for the heads up though at least now i know when i come across you not to play against you.

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