people who have bought the downloadable borderlands game itself

 so my disk is messed up and bought the game of xbox live my issue just happend just today - friend gave me a nice tediore anarchy smg as soon as i equipped it -its gone of my weapon slot -anyone who bought the game have any issues like mines. other than the load times but guns teleporting of my inventory thats messed up.:(


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You have the worst luck.

you should have just gotten another disc, and installed the game to your drive.

i know it works sort of -like yesterday it was giving me 10 error disk messages there was no disk  in the tray.i guess i have to give up borderlands when im getting owned on battlefield or red river.

Any damage to the xbox? I remember you had to get something in it repaired? Also might need another disk as Cosmic said. Try renting or getting one from gamefly or library or wherever people rent games and see if that disk will for before buying another copy.

too late i ordered 1 brand new this time on gamestop goty edition 2 weeks since theres no vanilla by itself.i might be getting punished by the borderlands gods for abandoning it for robot unicorn attack.hahaha.i dont think its my xbox because bioshock 2 works fine and its a dlc game its just the borderlands versions being a jerk  to me. everytime i join some1 elses it gives incompatible version of the game.this game is a total dumbass i got all the dlc .frustration coming and xbox support isnt a supporting type.i could delete6 months of farming save just to see if it was it .but i aint that crazy yet.

the dlc game u get isnt bad until a month when it freezes in only 30 minutes of playing thats like 3 times of farming craw and the xbox support guys are totally clueless which is fantastic. considering i got transferred from 1 person to another makes you wanna punch some1.even my dog can do a better job than they did.