people who complain about host

in gears 1 are pathetic, especially when i challenge them to a game offhost after they talk and talk and talk and talk about how bad i am, and then dont accept the challenge (gamertag removed by Moderator...btw can we get that gt banned?)

cant wait til Gears 3 and ppl dont complain about host

oh wait, but people will find other things to complain about like they always do like the sawed off!

do people even realize that its VIDEO GAMES we are talkin about here?

when did having fun completely disappear and people felt the need to act big and tough over xbox live cuz they probably arent in real life

its pathetic really

people yell at you when you dont have ur headset on, yet i find that i have more fun when my headsets off

i dont know why im even posting this, just aggravated lol

discuss, or dont, your choice



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I love irony.

i understand the irony but im talking about ppl that play the games, not the games

You obviously don't understand the irony.

Not only it is ironic but also moronic as well.....

The irony is the original poster has an MLG Gamerpic.  LOL!  Sounds like the guy cares about what others complain about way too much.  He is complaining about a complainer.  The irony.  On top of that I doubt he even knows what irony means.  LOL! MLG indeed!

I don't understand, you go on a rant about it just being video games and how it is fun and how you enjoy it more when your headset is off, but your lead in was about challenging a guy to a 1v1 off host because you needed to prove that you were better than him? WTF? Sounds like someone wants it both ways. Did your e-peen grow a few inches when you called some randy out on these forums? Get over yourself man.

Seems everyone else gets the irony.

I thought that MLG thing was just a phase the internet went through, guess i didn't get that memo

      Surely anyone who's played MP for a significant amount of time can relate to what he's talking about; which I believe to be that people don't just say "nice host, good game" or something like that.  No, they trash talk like they are getting paid to do so, make every effort to show just how much their character is lacking.  His frustration is not with the game but with the people you inevitablly come across while playing the game.  

yonatan is the only smart person here lol, theres no point in even responding to everyone else

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