People to play with?

I need players with mics most of my friends switched to mw3 and on battlefield 3 nobody seems to have a mic or use teamwork I have a few people but can use more people please add or message me if you need someone to play

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if you are over the age of 25, check out pork chop platoon on google!

you can add me.

Looking for people to play with, eh? Try going to a strip club, or Home Depot after 1 AM.

hi everyone feel free to add me, im over 40  so im a slow old fart

Add me. Got a mic. And team player

You can add me I play battlefeild everyday from 4:05 to 11:30

u can hit me up and add me if u like i play allmost only BF3 and an usually on from 7:00 to when i fall asleep so hit me up looking for people with a mic