People still playing this game?

I just bought this off of ebay brand new unwrapped for $2.99 I hope people still play co op. I went back and played my Tom Clancy games the other day and those online parts are dead and they are as old as this game so makes me wonder how many people still play the online component of it. If you want to play co op add me. 


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if u still want to play i will.

Lol I just picked up a copy for $3!  Having loads of fun with it so far.  Anybody know is the second one worth buying?  Or is it pretty much the same game?

The second one is pretty much the same,with the exception of having four player co-op and multiplayer

Thinking about buying this game, is the coop online or offline?

hit me up i  will play with ya

its free on demand if your a gold member till aug 16th

I just downloaded this game and the cars will not accellerate, and I automatically perma-lock-on any object that enters my line of sight.

Lots of people will be playing now!

Anyone want to help me get some of the achievements? Message me if interested :)

Downloading in process - You can message me if you wanna do the co-op. ;)