People Still play right?

I tried to join a multiplayer game the other day and it searched and searched but couldn't find a match to join. I'm assuming people still play this game, it's probably just my internet..... :(


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Some people are having problems.  I have not had any problems.  The longest I have waited in the past 2 weeks is about 2 min.

Depends on the type of match, manhunt, or wanted go by in an instant, the others take longer (up to 20 minutes)

True, I always assume people are playing manhunt.

ya dude i always play manhunt its the most popular so its easy to find a game

Manhunt and Wanted is easy to get into. If anything, just send random invites to your recent players.

I got into a game today without trouble, i just chose quick play.

I have been disconnected multiple times from the host but other than that there is no trouble finding games. It's even faster if you have the DLC

It say's the servers are down,is there something gone wrong (again)?

Late coming onto the game, just finished AC II. Know Brotherhood has been out over 7 months, so hope players are still around.  That's the thing about Multiplayer and series, once the new game is out, the old one becomes a ghost town.  So that leaves me with about 4 months. lol