People Looking For Werewolf Bite (Ebonheart) #Free

Alliance: EbonHeart Pact

Race: Argonian

Class: Nightblade

  1. I am starting up this thread because i myself am looking for a werewolf bite, but i also want others to get it too.
  2. Im tired of sitting at the locations, and there is always a group of higher level jerks who have already been bitten, so they kill the werewolves when they spawn.Post
  3. I am a Level 17 right now this is my first elder scrolls game honestly " and you might shame me for it" but i just want to experience this game fully.
  4. If you want to help me out or anyone else in this thead please do so.
  5. I dont have much to give you since im 17 im level 17 so can you please do this for Free or try to be reasonable

Message My Gamertag:  K1NG XXIII



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