People complaining about Camping and IEDs have chosen the wrong game...

1st lets consider that the charter of the Call of Duty series has been loosely to create as hyper realistic as possible a military simulation. The developers painstakingly record or mimic the exact sounds of the weapons, the exact textures of the battle fields, and as close as possible the exact physics of the munitions.

Any student of history (or user of Google search) knows that 2 out of every 3 deaths in our most modern military deployments in real life have been as a result of IEDs. And as far as rushing (as infantry equipped with small arms) vs. camping, how do you rush as a team? Do you pick a clockwise or counter-clockwise motion?  Modern military versions of rushing usually involve tanks and gratuitous air support. Many of the COD rushers rants in these forums are basically a rant about people not playing the way THEY want other people to play.  Usually this frustration is a result of individuals not being able to selfishly run around solo, without the need for collaboration from teammates, and 'win". Rushers might be the noisiest when it comes to complaints but history tells us that the campers, and those that fight as a team, write the history books.

In real life (or in a simulation of reality) this game would work more like Search and Destroy, where if you die, that's it.  But because one gets an unrealistic amount of lives, ones concept of how things should be becomes equally unrealistic.  I think that many people who hate campers would like this game to be more like Paintball, or even more in line with how they want to play, Laser Tag.

There's always Halo...


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Game sucks!  Everything about this game sucks including the camping, sniping, and terrible spawns.  I also have a problem with the sniper shotguns.  This game is a bad design and makes me want to boycott any future games.  Getting in the corporate pockets could make them realize to spend a little more time to correct issues instead of ignoring everyone.

I'd love the MP of this game more if it wasn't "2 bullets in my toe = death as opposed to me shooting them in the back 5 times = no death." I know that they said they would up gun damage to solve the problem of people unable to kill others as it was in BO2 but I think it's doing more harm than good.

Yeah 4 points for Danger Close is rough, yet Amplify is only 2??? I see no logic in that at all.

I have sitrep on every loadout but my danger close ones lol....the 4 pt cost of it hurts :)

try using sit rep I just don't get how easy it is to get rid of campers and play them at their own game, this game is so easy  to play with right perks equipped

I just wish they made it easier to deal with campers...the easiest way is with danger close, but it's 4 perk points and without scavenger refilling tube/launcher is a bit more of a problem dealing with them

Have any of thought about using perk to show up IED's etc, if you want to rush out the rush but don't complain about getting killed, I rush and I also camp, depends on game and players im up against. If I know these suckers will keep running at me then yea, ill sit back and pop your head off and collect your tag thank you very much. If im playing against a camper ill switch class and see their IED's and throw one in myself and 9 times out of 10 they will back up into it without knowing its there, then ill wait and listen with amp perk and bang them again. Play then at their own game. Every camper have their fav spots on a map, find out theirs and own it.

[quote user="a tired old guy"]

   "capable of catering to many playstyles" ..... yes ..... it has plenty of tools available to play it as a tactical shooter, but with all the bells and whistles to satisfy those who just want to jump in and have some mindless fun. Thats what gives it such widespread popularity. Its also what leads to all the complaints. To those who think if it as an arcade shooter, anyone playing tactically is a camper and to those who think of it as a tactical shooter complain about people who dont play the objective or just troll.


    The best thing to do imo is to stop trying to define it and just play it accepting that you'll run into all kinds of styles. If you just want mindless shoot-em-up fun dont complain about dying to thge team holdiong up in a building. If you want tactical, you can have it, but particularly in public matches you are bound to run into some that just dont care.


Well stated.  This perfectly sums up the Ghosts experience.

Yeah OK, I'll agree with that.

In many ways though, I wish console had the same set up as COD2/4 for allowing modded servers (legitimately) as I used to run a tactical server where there was NO running... and for some matches, you could only stand for short periods.

This forced players to think more team based and tactically and without question some of the most intense matches I have played on COD.

  I just want to add thats why I felt bo2 was such a big letdown. I mean I enjoyed the game. It had great potential. I have many days on it having fun. But one thing I have always counted on from cod is that trans-genre possibility that was only defined by the players themselves. Bo2 tried to force it into a specific style, and that was just a total disappointment to me, especially when treyarch always leaned more toward the tactical aspect than iw.

   I'm glad ghosts has gone back to what cod was in the past. Its a breath fo fresh air.

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