people clipping into walls?

playing tons of flood a couple days ago, when one of the challenges was to win 2 flood matches, i started seeing players inside a wall on the map complex. at first i thought  it was just one guy so i reported him, but then i saw like three people in the same place at the same time. i really hope 343 closes whatever hole they jumped into, cause it's ruining flood, since people always choose complex.


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Agreed, i noticed this same problem and I started just shotgunning my own team leaping into the walls to hide and get booted for to many betrayals. Just like in your case it started with one guy who i reported then 2 hours later it was full blown whole spartan team trying to get into the wall. I then turned to hiding on the other side of the map in the rocks and no one would every find me since they was trying to kill those in the walls.

I cam across this last night in a game of infinity slayer. The team got up by 1 kill than camped in this glitch spot and rode out the win. My teammates and I continually tried to force them out (via grenades or other means) as the glitch is almost too easy to enter upon, however it was fruitless.

In a gametype such as flood however? This ruins all aspects of the game.

Jump in the wall with them and melee. Works every time.

i just watched the replay and found out how they got into the wall, totally gonna follow them in next time, kill them before reporting.

i've run into this...yes it ruins the flood game...

I catched a teleporting player.

he teleported like crazy.

and i dont got laags.

and i would say it was no laag on his side...

I don't understand... I"ve played Flood (infection type) and can't the Flood get into any part of the Spartans get into?  Also the Flood can usually choose different set-ups like Jump Boosters.... The Flood are faster and can jump higher than any Spartan.... Can't you just get a whole bunch of Flood players to boost speed into and kill them?

My son was playing the other day and got into a flood match where he started with a DMR and it showed his team mates as enemies. (like free for all)  He backed out of the match thinking somebody was modding. Not sure if somebody was but it sure was a strange match.

you all know that you can modify Game-Typ's und Matches?^^

Would explain the Teammates as Enemies but not the Clipping / Teleporting.

That may have been what happened. I have told him to back out of any game he plays if it does not seem right. He did as I told him, either way and that is a good thing. You should get some kind of message saying the game was modified in my opinion.

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