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To ruin more games I enjoy. Honestly, when I purchase a game, I should just return it if I see their logo on the box. The multiplayer in GoW is absolute garbage. I felt like I was playing a third person Halo: "Everyone rush the rocket launcher and fight out in the middle of everything!" Absolutely trashed. Felt nothing like any previous GoW and that is the only reason I decided to try it. Also, you spawn in Team Deathmatch without your shotgun? What?


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People can fly mainly worked on the campaign for judgement firstly, epic was in charge of mp. If you followed anything about this game prior to the release they clearly said that they have modernized controls to make the game more accessible. 3rd I guess because you apparently haven't played the game, you essentially choose a load out. One primary a snub nose and your choice of grenade. Mp revolves around class based combat and teamwork, no longer may you pre active and wall bounce your way to victory. The changes are welcomed, gears 1 was the reason for my 360 purchase and I am not disappointed by this installment.

I agree with OP the MP is complete garbage...these developers are MORONS.

Can people just make one hate thread and have their big party in there please?

^^^^This, yes!