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What days does COD3 see the most traffic?  I have been playing Fridays a lot but played a Saturday a few weeks back and noticed a few more players, not to mention a Map Pack Map being played. 


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Friday's, Saturday's and Sunday's are the busiest periods on CoD 3. During the rest of the week the peak hours would be between 9pm - 3am UK time.


With regard to the newer maps, they are normally played between the times mentioned above at least 5 days of the week. It usually consists of rotating around CTF. Single CTF and occasionally War and HQ. These are regularly 8 vs 8 games but every so often we are treated with a classic 12 vs 12.


Hope this helps. 

I've debating picking this up, and call me crazy, but I like playing ranked matches and trying to get all the achiemvents in a game. Are ranked matches always dead, or do they pick up at certain times?

I'm not  the best person to be answering this question but from what I hear nowadays ranked is pretty dead.


I assume the busiest ranked days/times are the same as above.

If you want all achievements for CoD3, you'll have to boost for them.

Maybe you'll get 700 000 points like sk8rman!!! LOL

I've been back playing this most nights now for a couple of months - Fridays to Sundays are the busiest.

I only played ranked matches, and if you are prepared to wait till you 'get in the loop' you normally get games, although it can be slow during weekdays.

Conory, you shouldn't encourage boosting - it is cheating no matter how you look at it.

EARN the achievements, and play the game how it was meant to be played.

I was hoping to get all the achievements for this game, but don't think it will happen now. I loved playing multiplayer back when this was popular. Maybe I should try playing again and see if anyone else is on.

Muttley, I was just helping the guy out, there is no way on earth he can get the 40000 points without boosting. Ranked matches are dead, but really, who cares if he boosts on a 5 year old game?

And it's not cheating, its exploiting a flaw in the game, if CTF was like BO, then there would be no boosting.

Actually I know an easier way to get the achievements, just use a game save! Saves hours of boosting.

I agree with CLONE 7 regarding the peak times for play, I totally disagree with conory regarding boosting.

LOL conory, you know it's cheating, and you mentioned the reason why it is in the same sentence !

The ranked rooms aren't totally dead yet, I've managed to notch up just over 2k this month so far.

You just gotta be prepared to wait. War is the most popular, and of course CTF for the cheaters !

The peak times are as CLONE 7 stated above.

Yeap this game came out in Nov 2006, but it is still great fun to play online. Treyarch got a lot of things right with this game.

One of my all time faves.

Sorry, but I really don't think it can be classed as cheating. It's playing the game in such a way that you can get alot of points in a short amount of time.

It's not changing the mechanics of the game in anyway or mudding the game. Just picking up and dropping a flag.

But, if you want the points legit, then kudos to you for having the patience to wait for a game, and actually doing it 'till 40000 points.

If you played the game 4 years ago, it would of been very easy to get it legitimately.

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