peacekeeper glitch

I was playing free for all using a class with a peacekeeper. Someone rage quit and it sent us to the finding new host menu. When the game restarted all I had was a knife. My peacekeeper was gone. And when I died it wouldnt even let me swap classes....WTF 


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If you back out to the BLOPS2 menus away from MP, or dashboard, it resets your Custom class with the Peacekeeper as well. I haven't had it happen in game yet tho.

I haven't had any issues with the peacekeeper so far. It would be hilarious to find that you didn't even have a knife and were now bare handed.

Yea just wait till they come up with another patch for the game.

Treyarch knows about these and several other issues surrounding the Peacekeeper. No, it will not be nerfed. Hotfix should be out soon to address those issues.

Man that sucks.