Hi, i have decided to get this after weighing up the pros and cons, my dilema is on what system?

I'm a console gamer by nature so i am use to a gamepad so i find it easier to play on an xbox, but i have a top pc which makes BF3 look a lot better and 64 player!

The problem is pc players mainly use mouse and keyboard where i have a 360 pad for my pc, but i`m getting slaughtered by the accuracy of the mouse, i tried using a mouse and it is far more accurate i just can't get use to crouching, running, prone etc with keys! perhaps getting a mouse with programmable buttons for most of the most used function?

I don`t know what do people think that have both systems?




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Xbox. PC is gorgeous, but I suck on it too. I'd rather play it on Xbox.

If you have a PC that can run it, might as well get it on there. Better graphics, more players, different servers with different communities. The controls will take time to get used to, but you'll see how great it is change the functions of keys on your keyboard and use binds. My only gripe with the PC version is having to find servers through the Battlelog in your internet browser. What kind of dumb idea was that?

Choose what ever is more comfortable for you. You'll still have that intense battlefield expierence seeing how the maps will be scaled down to accommodate 24 players rather than 64. I'm a PC gamer coming to consoles because PC's are just a little out of my budget right now.

Save a bit more and buy it for both :)

If your PC is able to run it then the obvious answer would be PC. After you get used to using a KB/M you'll enjoy it a lot more. You can always rebind your buttons as well and a gaming mouse doesn't hurt. I have a Razor Deathadder (2 Mappable buttons on the side) and I have one for spotting and the other for crouching. It's not that hard to press Z to prone.

As many have said, if you can run it on pc, thats the way to go. As it stands right now, the xbox version is butt booty ugly