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Hello fellow gamers <BR><BR> I hope this post finds you all well. <BR><BR> I have a question about PC games with achievements. I recently bought a PC game with achievements; Gears of War. I was wondering if it was possible to be on the PC online playing Gears of War while my wife is on my Xbox 360 logged into my account watching Netflix WHILE I was playing Gears of War on the PC online. Is this possible? <BR><BR> Thanks in advance

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He never asked which was better...

Try it ?

The answer is no I'm afraid.


Only one can be signed into Live at a time. If your Wife was watching Netflix on your 360 and then you logged in as Symbiote Prince on  GFWL title, the 360 would be kicked offline.


The opposite is also true. If you were playing Gears of War PC and your Wife signed in on the 360 to watch a movie, you'd be kicked offline.


Since you don't need a Gold subscription to play online with GFWL, the best solution would to be create an account to use with those titles.


Edit: You might get an error after installing Gears of War about an expired certificate. To fix that you need the GearsPC_TU3_Microsoft update, which you can grab HERE.

@ VoteDC thanks so much for the help.

No problem. We aim to please.