PbO- The Lead Order is recruiting!!

To All: 

The Lead Order (PbO) is now recruiting all gamers and game enthusiasts from far and wide. We are a community of gamers and technology addicted members that are looking for other like minded people that enjoy our same beliefs. We are just in our starting phases and would love to have more people come to be apart of something that is bigger then just a game, and even bigger then ones self. If you are looking for a place where the game you play doesn't matter and the way you play it doesn't either, then you have found your home. We offer you a home and a vision of a community that is ever growing and never slowing. If you want to come and be apart of something that YOU can help create and form - then come see us at theleadorder.com. 

We have gamers on ALL platforms and in a variety of games ranging from COD:BO (PS3/Xbox/PC), COD:MW2 (PS3/Xbox), Halo Series (Xbox), GT 5 (PS3), World of Warcraft (PC), CS:S (PC), Mine-Craft (PC) and many other titles. 

So I ask of you, are you tired of being apart of a "clan" that only forms to later just tear apart? Are you sick of being apart of something where you voice and your views are muffled? Are you sick of playing with randoms that have no team concepts? Are you READY for a community of people that will be there to game with you, for a home that will engage your mind, a home for..... 


Come check us out at: 

And head to The Quarry and take a look at our recruitment section 


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Check us out!!... In house tourneys starting soon......great things coming with all the great shooters in 2011

I'm interested.

have you registered on the forums?? read our recruitment section for details

anyone else feel free to ask questions, or hit me up for more info


haven't seen ya on the forums yet?? any questions hit me up!! gonna be getting b usy in our community once BF3 and MW3 come out!

MW3 squad starting to form join today and lets get out on the battlefield  www.theleadorder.com

hit us up if ya have any questions!!