Patrick McCreary & Heists

Who else thinks its cool that they brought back a character from  GTA IV? He was one of my favorites to maybe its becuase im irish as well. But yea i was driving a taxi cab as Franklin trying to make a few quick bucks and i see these 2 dudes jack a liquor store (funny to because anyone who played GTA IV knows old Pat has a drinking problem) and one is patrick and the other just some random NPC, they asked me if i could give them a ride and i did, we lost the cops and when i went to do my first hiest Patrick was an option as a crew member (sweet) but he gets a 13% cut, not bad becuase he is experienced so you know he can get the job done, i still made it away from that hiest with close to 700,000 for Micheal and aroun 275,000 for Franklin. I should also note though that i did not pick the Life invader guy as my hacker (he only charged 4 % cut but i figured he would only give me a small window of time) instead i picked the chick (she took 15%) and it was well worth it, anyone who hasn't done the first hiest yet, going the smart qiuet way is the way to go and NOT LOUD and dumb, Also note that the chick gives you a little over a minute and a half to rob the place, which is more than enough time to clean everything out. One last thing is if you choose to be stealthy and go qiuet you won't really need a "muscle man" so you can cheap out and get one of the lower cut guys, but your crew members rank up as you use them and their abilities get better and seeing as how there might only be a few hiest missions in the main story it would be a better bet to use a better rounded crew from the start, yea there gonna take more money but YOUR also gonna make more money and by the time you get to a big hiest your team is gonna be ready for anything


Sorry if this is a long read just trying to be informative.


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You should say spoilers in the title. I'd be mad if he wasn't already my roll dog. Even on stealth missions, if I pick a gunman who sucks, he dies in some fluke way. I've never been able to keep one of the weaker choices alive. Packie however is unkillable now for me.