Pathetic glitch

On one of genkis super ethical activity, start activity, 90% of screen blocked by huge pink shape, pausing makes it go away, then it comes back upon unpausing. making the activity unplayable, unbeatable, and pointless.

pretty pathetic glitch tbh.


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happend to my buddy when i was in his game playing it he said he couldnt see anything so i ended up running to the end. so my suggestion is play it co-op if it happens again but not ur co-op partner have him do the activity because u only need 1 person to reach the end

good suggestion actually. will have to do that if it stays that way. sucks too, i love genkis activities.

If you turn off your Xbox and turn it back on the cross will go away... Also don't set the genki activity as your destination on the map.... Set ur destination close to it then find it yourself.... Setting the actual activity as your destination I'd what makes the glitch happen... Hope this helps -.-

Actually the one thing that works is to reatry or exit activity and then save then go to dashboard and back :) your welcome if this helps it always works btw :)