Patch notes!

In case you were wondering, the recent patch has hit PS3 lately and should arrive to 360 sometime soon, I'm sure. In the mean time, you can look over these patch notes of what's been changed from 1.04 to 1.05. Enjoy! ;3

Lock-on changes
- Lock-on range increased. Switching targets has been improved.
- Can now lock on to Ring of Fog users.

- Pyromancy catalyst maximum power down from 270 to 230.
- Vow of silence AoE increased.
- Homing class spell damage decreased.
- Magic shield, tranquil walk spell duration decreased.
- Iron Flesh defence decreased.

Status effects
- Equipable weight increased by 6 (Maximum 80 at 40 endurance)
- Effect of humanity on item discovery rate increased (Now maxed out at 210 at 10 humanity)
- Rolling effects changed from "below" to "equal to or less than"*

Enemy changes
- Some enemies have decreased damage, poise and HP.
- Skeletons and ghosts now reward experience.
- Some bosses now drop humanity and homeward bones.
- Drop rate for rare items (Twinkling titanite, covenant related items) has been increased.
- Some enemies drop new items.
- Changes in location and number of enemies.
- Changes in amount of souls rewarded.
- Some items are now picked up automatically. (Crystal Lizards, boss weapons etc.)

Online Changes
- Resonance signs are now visible again.
- Invasion matchup improvements.

- Increase in general attack power of normal upgraded weapons.
- Increased modifiers from A to S for some high level weapons.
- Grant damage boost changed from dexterity to faith.
- Normal shield stability lowered compared to large shields.
- Crystal Ring Shield special attack damage down.
- Silver Knight sword is now enchantable, and mysterious effects have been changed.
- Lion ring now only obtainable by beating Ornstein last.

Armor changes
- Gold-hemmed set defence downgraded.
- Antiquited skirt defence downgraded.
- Elite Knight set total poise down from 46 to 34.
- Xanthous set, Antiquited skirt etc defence down.

Bug Fixes
- Strong magic shield no longer negates damage while shield is down.
- Infinite item glitch. Also fixes spell switching since it uses the same bug.
- Can only trade items with Snuggly once.
- Fixed inverse display of some damage values on the weapon upgrade screen.

- Can now buy Twinkling Titanite from the giant blacksmith.
- Can now see souls required for next level in the menu.
- When all lord souls are collected, the lord vessel now grants 20 estus flasks.
- Some framerate improvements. (New Londo, Blight town)


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Pyromancy is weaker and iron flesh is downgraded?  I might have to try and finish the game before this patch gets released...

It's already released. I used Iron Flesh a lot myself but I don't think they may have downgraded it by much. Pyromancy wasn't taken down too far, so I don't see too much of a problem, really. Still, it does kind of sting.

If you do NOT like the patch, just DELETE IT and play offline. I plan to delete the patch, SOUL GLITCH my main character, then re-download the patch once I fix that NERF MY PYRO nonsense.

I understand that many of these changes were due to feedback from the PvP community, but they really f-up the game for those of us who are predominately story and co-op.   Magic Shield duration decreased???  Great, from 5 seconds down to 3; now it practically takes me more time to cast the damn thing than the time it lasts.

Finally! YES!!! I am super happy to get this patch. This will eliminate a lot of the PvP cheating shenanigans that were going on. Ring of Fog, bite me!


Lock on tuned up? More like tuned down. My lock switches from enemy to enemy when they get close to each other and I end up getting hit due to this.

Are you using automatic lock-on?  I've never used that.  Prefer to manually lock on to my targets.

How do you switch it? After I lock onto an enemy it switches to another

They nerfed the hell out of 2 of my favourite items: Leather gloves (i'm almost sure)  & Antiquated skirt. I'm  a bit annoyed coz I invested some useful consumables in these item and now they're not so good. They were excellent for a light but strong build. Guess I'll have to put some more souls into Endurance now.

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